Diary of a Dork
aka Mi
100% Vietnamese
September 29. 1993

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Forget the Past & Move On

I Enjoyed our long phone calls everyday. I enjoyed when we would say goodbye and half an hour later, we were still talking on the phone. I enjoyed when we would plan things ahead of time and sometimes we did things spontaneously.I Remember all those times that i would come to you crying or you would come to me for advice.

But do you know what i remember the most?

I remember when the things we did were in present tense, not past tense.
Now a days, you lost the best in “best friend.”

Shit Happens. I realize that the friends who are suppose to stand up for me, doesnt. i realize that by natural instinct, i thought that “Best friends” defend each other on command. I guess i forgot to rule in the fact that some people are fake and others are too scared to speak their minds and tell me what they really want to know.

Word of advice. I would be much happier knowing that you’re talking about me, than finding out later that you are from someone else. At least i would have been able to forgive you.